Each work is prepared from an etching that is produced by hand, each one will be very subtly different.

When the heather blooms etching 12_5 x 14cm Unframed

Each work uses an Intaglio Printmaking technique and is prepared from an etching produced by hand.

An etching is an impression taken from a metal plate made by the artist.

All the coloured inks used are put on the plate together and pushed into the texture on the plate. The surface is then cleaned. The plate then passes through the press just once.

Jo Barry’s plates take many months to prepare, and each etching can take up to an hour to ink up. The paper is damp, and the pressure of the press is such that the indentation of the plate can be seen on the paper. The etching will then slowly dry for a week, and then watercolour may be added if required.

Each etching is then numbered,  titled and signed.  They are not copies or reproductions.

There is no ‘original’.

Because Jo is not a machine and each etching is produced by hand,  each will subtly differ.